Interview: The Backstreet Abortions

Hi, please start with an introduction of the band

Hello we are The Backstreet Abortions! Me Jesse on vocals Biff on guitar , Kev on drums , and Les on Bass 

How would you describe your music? Can you try to pick 3 bands that you’ve been influenced by and explain why?  

I guess we are punk rock. Biff writes the music to fit my lyrics most of the time. Devo who’s message and sound is a big influence on me and how I look at things, Motörhead I have been into as long as I can remember. Angry Samoans and the Exploited short to the point songs influence the way I write lyrics. There is so many bands and hip hop artists that mean the world to me , but the way our music sounds I would say those three have more of an influence.

You are obviously pro-choice and pro-abortions, what is the public opinion about that in England? 

I am from the US but have lived in the UK last 17 years, I have had an Abortion in both countries. There was a very big difference, in the Uk they are free and easy access , as it should be. In America not as easy and now getting harder as you see on the news, I am worried for girls back home in the States. That’s why I started to write lyrics. 

How come that you focus a lot on this question? Are you involved in any compounds as well or do you just stick to the music and to express your thoughts that way? 

I think it’s the most important thing in the world not being forced to breed. Abortion is freedom. I wouldn’t be happy or where I am today if I was forced to have those unwanted pregnancies. 

This is of course a question about women’s rights, can you feel that the society are heading in the right direction even though we’re far from being equal? 

I have always felt I was equal even if I’m not in some peoples eyes. No one is going to stop me from doing what I want to do. I feel that if we really want to attack the people that keep women down we should start with religion. 

Well back to the music, God’s a pig was released in 2018, what are your plans for the future when it comes to new records and music? 

We have some new songs we are working on, two already in the set. The rest of the band are also in The Varukers, last year was really busy  for  them. This year we will have some time to do stuff. 

What do you think about the UK punk scene today? Any bands you will recommend? 

It’s great super friendly everyone looks out for each other.  Butcher Baby,  Circle None, Overload and the Blue Carpet Band are some great newer bands


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