Review: No Acción – Lights out

44 no accion

No Acción – Lights out 7″

Lights Out was released in june 2019 and is the second EP from No Acción, a band that is a new acquaintance for me. And the way they acquaint themselvs with this 6 tracks EP it is absolutely stunning. I liked it a lot from the very beginning. It wouldn’t surprise me if they drew inspiration from Lars Frederiksen & The Bastards or The Street Dogs but there’s more heart in No Acción and I would rather place them together with smaller bands like The Bad Engrish and Acidez. And just like Acidez does No Acción mix lyrics in english and spanish.

This is very pogo compatible streetpunk or as they say: Protest songs to drink beers to. I agree entirely even though I’m not into alcohol nowadays. All the tracks are high class but I consider the title song ”Lights Out” and ”Organge Clown” as the best. And yes, Orange Clown is a song about Donald Trump, fuck him.

No Acción might not be a pioneering punk band but they offer a dashing feeling of passion. So if you’re fed up with all the big bands with expensive productions, then try No Acción. They have a genuine sound and I hope they will stick to their roots because this interest me more than all those well known bands. Running time 11 minutes.

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