Interview: Death By Horse



Death By Horse is an alternative Punk Rock band from the south of Sweden, with a modest but intense 4 year history in its backpack. With their energetically engaging and refreshing music, they take punk rock to the next level.

The attitude radiates punk rock, but in the songs we can hear melodic hits, heavy riffs and alternative elements of SKA, gospel and dark ballads. Death By Horse is an energy boost with a frantic live act that should be experienced!

-We usually say just it’s Punk Rock. But honestly, that’s not really a sufficient description I would say. Haha, I’d say that Death By Horse provides a musically buffet with a little something for everyone, with a punk mindset.

-We dont wanna kill our creativity with limits created by a given or self chosen genre. We make music we feel for. If we wanna do gospel we do gospel, our way.

This November Death By Horse goes on tour together with The Sensitives (SWE) and The Bloodstrings (GER)

-I’m really looking forward to this. They are really great bands and it’s gonna be fun to get to know them. And I’m sure I will learn a lot from it. This is the first time we do a tour together with other bands. The Sensitives are from the mid/northern parts of Sweden and describe their music as edgy punk. I really love there song “old fashion fuck off”! Really catchy! The bloodstrings are from Germany and there description of there music as punkabilly is quite fitting. Cool stuff for sure.

So tell us about the tour name – Female fronted boy band tour?

-The tour name is something we came up with when we were disguising a fitting name. All bands have female singers in front and that was something that was desirable to emphasize in this tour. One of us suggested “No boy band tour” But we thought it sounded a bit negativ, like we were mocking boy bands. And to be honest it really is boy bands with Females in the front! haha.

-Personally I don’t really like that there always is so much focus on our gender. I think it’s quite degrading when the focus is on the gender and not the music.

-The main problem I see when people fight for equality, or whatever the fight for, they do it with oppressing the opposite side, there is really no rime and reason in doing to the other what you don’t want them to do to you. And fights are just unwillingness to see the other sides point of view and the feeling of owning the truth. Your truth. The only truth. And for some reason we feel it’s our mission to get everybody to think like you, and apparently it’s so important that we kill people for it

How do you prepare for such an intense schedule?

-We have 9 gigs in 9 days this tour. We always have this tight schedule for some reason. Last tour, we said that we should try and have a day off next tour, cause it would be nice to actually see where you are. haha, but maybe next year.

-The best about touring is all the amazing people you meet.I really think it’s so exciting to talk to people that I don’t know. It’s makes me see the world from more than just my own angle, and I freakin’ love that.

What can people expect from Death By Horse and the other bands?

-Well, we always try to push ourselves to do a better show than the last and surprise the audience. We want to give them something extra and never stop developing. It should never be boring to see Death By Horse, if someone feel that way, I would love to hear it, cause it makes us try harder to evolve. I don’t really know the other bands, the Sensitives and the Bloodstrings, only that they are super nice people doing crazy good music. This is something you don’t want to miss.

-One last thing. Yes, all tree bands are gonna do a song together, but that is something you only will experience if you come and see us. So come join us! It will be a blast!



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