Review: Freedumb – Post Modern Dark Age

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Freedumb – Post Modern Dark Age (LP)
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Norwegian Freedumb have really progressed over the past ten years. And that progress has been quite natural, they’ve made almost the same journey as Propagandhi. From an aggressive melodic hardcore punk sound to today’s sound which is more musical but still very melodic.

The hardcore touch is still there but the guitar arrangements are getting more space now. Some would probably describe it as emo guitars, and yes, they tend to sound a bit like Rise Against but in my opinion, Freedumb is much better. While looking at the big picture they’re probably closer to Strike Anywhere.

I actually think that Freedumb have the potential for a break through, because after all, they are definitely at least as good as the major bands in the melodic hardcore punk genre. Post Modern Dark Age is a very good album and the icing on the cake must be the songs ”Let it slide” and ”Inside the box”. I just love how the melodies got stuck  quickly.

This is the first album in a trilogy expected to be finalised in the coming years. It will be interestring to hear if they will continue on the same path or if they will progress even more. I will without doubt spinn this album occasionally in the future. Running time: 29 minutes.



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