Review: YRP – Young Rich Pitiful Stupid and Sad

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Young Rich & Pitiful – Young Rich Pitiful Stupid and Sad
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Here’s two new rock and roll flavoured tracks by the swedish band Young Rich & Pitiful. In my opinion, they just get better and better for each new release. Their new song ”Young Rich Pitiful Stupid and Sad” is probably their best so far. The similarities with The Only Ones is still there but this time I will also add 999. It’s a really good mix of power pop and early punkrock.

The second song ”Ain’t that pretty at all”, which is only included on this limited CD, is a cover originally written by Warren Zevon also recorded by The Pixies. And I think that both The Pixies and YRP make this song better than the original which is too soft for me. I still want to question why they choose to record a cover when their own songs are so good?

Anyhow, if you like early punkrock you will like YRP, that’s how it is. And if your record collection consists of bands like Dead Boys, The Adverts and The Dictators, then be sure to check out Young Rich & Pitiful. You won’t be disappointed. This is high class rock and roll.


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