Review: Svarteskerm – Illojala till slutet

47 svarteskerm

Svarteskerm – Illojala till slutet (Tape)
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ZAP Records

I consider myself as pretty open-minded and there’s no need for me to patronize Svarteskerm just because of their christian values. But still, punk and religion are two completely different things in my opinion. Altough there are a few parts that are similar to each other, like the strange mix of elitism, love and humanism. But well, let’s focus on the music.

This tape contains four tracks and I like how they mix hardcore punk and anarcho punk. Svarteskerm are at their best when the female part of the band take care of the vocals. As in ”Inte alla men” which is a killer and the best song on this tape. I just love how they get that anarcho punk feeling. ”Psykbryt” is a good song as well since there’s no significant male lead vocals. I must say that Svarteskerm would be far better if the girls fully handled the vocals. But that’s just my opinion.

Svarteskerm have a few highs and lows, I really like the music but I’m struggling with parts of the vocals as well as I’m struggling with the concept of jesus punk. After all, it seems like I have a few inherent prejudices when it comes to punk with christian undertones. The overall picture is hard for me to appreciate even though it’s occasionally good. The tape is wrapped up in a very nice cover, cross formed of course. Running time: 8 minutes.


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