Best of 2019

2019, what a fantastic year it was, with lot’s of good releases. Here’s my top 12 best records of the year. I have only chosen between the records that I have reviewed during the year. It wasn’t easy, but here’s my last decision. Some of the reviews are in Swedish.


1. Death By Horse – Reality hits hard (Read review)
I am a really big fan of the Swedish band Death By Horse. Their bouncy melodic punk are perfectly mixed up with serious lyrics, all performed by the charismatic singer Jahna. I just hope that I will get the opportunity to see them live 2020. Thank you for the music!

2. Tear Them Down – No Sleep Til Aröd (Read review)
Punk, hardcore, melodic hardcore or skatepunk? I don’t care what you want to call it. The fact is that No Sleep Til Aröd is one of my most played record this year. For fans of Agnostic Front and Millencolin. Love it!

3. F.I.L. – Wake Up (Read review)
Fucking amazing old school hardcore from Sweden. This is fast and aggressive and could undoubtedly have been released by Revelation Records. It’s a wonder for me that F.I.L. have not already conquered the hardcore world.

4. Drip Feed – Killer (Read review)
Drip Feed from Stockholm seems to be on a mission, the message is: Punx not dead! Because this is just pure and pissed off punk from the streets. I love their trashy sound which gives me such a delightful rush.

5. No Accion – Lights Out (Read review)
High class street punk rock n roll from US. Their music is so genuine that you can almost hear the sound of the streets. For fans of raw punkrock like The Exploited and The Casualites.

6. Protestera – Live benfit tape (Read review)
This recording, dating back almost 5 years, will be up-to-date as long as the society looks like it does today. That is terribly depressing facts but probably a reason why the choose to release this tape 2019. Fantastic anarcho hardcore.

7. Kardinal Synd – Andrahandssorteringen (Read review)
Was it even possible to top Baltic City from 2018? No, but Andrahandssorteringen is close enough. Kardinal Synd are undoubtedly one of Sweden’s best melodic punk bands. Not all bands are capable of writing such good lyrics. Good job!

8. Teresa Banks – Bridges We Build – Bridges We Burn (Read review)
Skatepunk from Finland with a lot of attitude. This record just gets better and better. I loved skatepunk in the 90’s but for me it has been a forgotten genre for many years. I’m glad that there’s still bands that fly the skatepunk flag.

9. Norra Hospitalet – Bakom ljuset (Read review)
I will always be a sucker for traditional three chord punkrock. And with an amazing singer, Norra Hospitalet got everything I appreciate. It will be very interesting to follow this band in the future.

10. Corporate Citizen – A Brief Moment Of Sanity (Read review)
Their mix of different styles of hardcore are so exciting. They create amazing dynamics in their music. It might take some time, but once you are inside it, you will love it.

11. Disfago – Snake. Triangle. Sacrifice. (Read review)
Disfago from UK are indeed different from many other bands. They have several different layers in their music and lyrics. For me, their metalpunk concept goes down very well.

12. Herr Gårman – Frånvarande
I love punk with this southern swedish accent. Their thoughtful music and lyrics has had a big impact on me. I hope they will be back with more music 2020.


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