Review: Anti-Lam Front / Headless Frank


Anti-Lam Front / Headless Frank split-7″
Second Class Kids Records

You say Norwegian skatepunk, I say yeah why not? Anti-Lam Front is a pretty new band with an album in their back catalog and now the Swedish label Second Class Kids has just released this split-7″. And the Norwegians know how to do it, the music is very well composed and sounds much like the US-band Strung Out. But it can occasionally be a little too tame, I don’t know if it’s because of the language or if it’s because of any other aspect.

The first track ”Litt Av En Kahn” got a lot of dashing melodies, maybe too much? On the other hand, the second song ”Kanskje Litt Dumt At Det Kom Menneska” is way better. And as a whole, I don’t think Anti-Lam Fron will be restricted just to Norway even though their lyrics are in norwegian. Skatepunk works all around the world, so give them a try if you listen to bands like Lag Wagon and 88 Fingers Louie.

Swedish Headless Frank are melodic as well but more punkier and angry, it acctually sounds very nice. Imagine a record collection sorted by genres, I would put Headless Frank somewhere between Face To Face and Bombshell Rocks. I really like their 90s vibe and you can hear that it was an important era for the band. Especially in ”Hardships”, a song with loads of references to bands like NOFX, Bad Religion and Pennywise etc. I think that’s a pretty cool idea which I can relate to.

All in all, this is a interesting split with two good bands and I like the fact that they doesn’t sound like each other. It wouldn’t be the same if they did. A total of 4 songs with a running time of almost 12 minutes wraped up in a good looking gatefold cover.


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