Review: Sardo Numspa – För alltid


Sardo Numspa – För alltid LP 
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Second Class Kids

I can’t decide whether I like this album or not. Well, I do like it but I am a bit confused. I wrote about Sardo Numspa in the beginning of 2018 in connection with their participation at the compilation album Fyrtal i punkrock Vol.2. I wanted more that time, now that I’ve got it, I’m wondering that maybe those 3 songs was enough. All 12 songs on this album are very well performed but they tend to float together.

The music is a mix between melodic punk/trallpunk and skatepunk with lyrics in swedish. The problem for me is that everything is just performed 100% perfect. The harmones of the vocals and guitars are perfect, the melodies are perfect and all compositions are perfect. I am not always a fan of perfection. But there’s no doubt that they are very skilled and technical musicians.

To be honest, this album doesn’t give me a super rush, but still, I will give it a spin from time to time in the future, at least a couple of songs at a time. I might sound a bit ambivalent which I probably am but at least Sardo Numspa arouse my emotions. Some of the tracks are actually really good, among them you’ll find ”Vilse på öppet hav”, ”Något att leva för” and ”Svart som natten”.

If you are into bands like Ten Foot Pole, Satanic Surfers, Charles Hårfager and Varnagel you will guaranteed love Sardo Numspa. The mix of american and swedish melodic punk/hc are indeed interesting. Running time: 31 minutes.

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