Review: Dioretics Fanzine #1


Dioretics Fanzine #1 A4,
24 Pages. Language: English

It’s amazing that there’s still people out there who’s dedicated to the fanzine scene. Alex, the man behind Dioretics also make the zine Kissan Päivät. I made my own paper zine until just a few years ago, I wish more people could understand how important this is for the punk and hardcore scene.

Dioretics is a classic copy-paste fanzine with an old school lay out which I love. The 24 pages are packed with good reading. Interviews: Stigmatism (US), EX-Inferno (Swe), Suck Lords (US), Human Leather (UK) och Phane (Can). To be honest, I’ve not heard any of the bands so that make it even more interesting. All interviews are well made and they become interactive because I have to youtube the bands and the bands they’re talking about. That’s actually very fun.

In addition to the interviews, you can also read about the European punk scene, Black Flag and a gig report. Dioretics Fanzine are entertaining and informative. Get in touch with Alex to get your own copy of this zine or any of his othet zines. Keep the fanzine scene alive!


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