Review: Jerrys Farsa – Mord & andra visor


Jerrys Farsa – Mord & Andra Visor CD
Contact: Facebook I Bandcamp
Running time: 33.37
Buzzbox Records

Jerrys Farsa are back with 14 lively tracks, and this is, in my opinion, their best record so far. Their previous albums have felt quite straggly but Mord Och Andra Visor are easier to absorb. Maybe it’s because I finally figured out the way they arrange the music. And I must say that I am impressed of their musical skills.

The music is a mix between Toy Dolls and NOFX, very melodic and very playful but above all, really well played punk with nice fragments of rock and roll. At first, the lyrics may seem a bit jocular but the stories about the fictive persons are very close to the reality and probably a cross-section of the Swedish population.

This is a record with lot’s of strong tracks. My favorites are ”Farväl till friheten” which is a good skapunk song, I also love the rock and roll riffs in ”Spräckt nylle”. And lastly, the monologue in the final song ”Herr Svensson är kränkt” are totally brilliant.


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