Review: Vet Hut – Med munnen full av hat

47 vet hut

Vet Hut – Med munnen full av hat
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Heptown Records

The Swedish band Vet Hut was formed back in 2013 and this is my first acquaintance with the band. I really like what I hear. Their melodic up-tempo punkrock is really my cup of tea. It’s not traditional Swedish Trallpunk but I guess that they’ve been influenced big time by bands such as Radioaktiva Räker, Lastkaj 14 and similar bands.

All songs are filled with a good pinch of attitude and hits you one after another like rapid fire, much because of the singer. Her voice is so strong and convincing. This is a complete debut album and contains great hits like ”Att äta eller ätas”, ”Vet hut” and ”Med munnen full av hat”. I can almost guarantee, that if you are into melodic punkrock, you’ll spin this album over and over again.

”Med munnen full av hat” is a pleasure to listen to and I love all the 27 minutes. I wouldn’t be surprised if Vet Hut will get a really nice 2020. The Swedish melodic punk scene has always been top notch and the future looks bright.


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